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One of the biggest reason why people come to me is for weight loss. My first piece advice is: DRINK WATER. Why? Isn’t about you food you might ask? Well, yes, it is but just a blanket statement of ‘eat clean non processed foods and portion control’ isn’t going to cut it for the majority of people. I like to establish small, palatable goals first of which is drink at least 64 oz of water THROUGHOUT the day. What are the benefits? Weight loss because many times when you think you are hungry, you are really thirsty. It also works as an appetite suppressant. BAM. End of story? Absolutely not. Prevent cancer. Yes, that’s right – various research says staying hydrated can reduce risk of colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by 50%, and possibly reduce breast cancer risk as well. It also, helps to reduce joint pain by keeping the cartilage soft, prevents headaches (!), hydrates your skin from the inside out, circulates nutrients, flushes out waste and bacteria and helps mental clarity. Focus on this one small task which has amazing benefits for overall health.

Please join Kat March 16th from 6-7:15pm for a free community class, Stretch and Flow: Vinyasa Flow Yoga, at Roots and Wings.   If you’re looking to increase strength and flexibility, manage stress or just find out what the buzz is about, you’ll see why so many people are hooked on this extraordinary practice.  The postures of the class link together to create a continuous “flow” of movement. Each flow will be infused with dynamic and longer holds to explore alignment, clarity and self expression.   Please sign up below:

Roots and Wings Healing Arts

317 N. Main St

Natick, MA 01760