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Who we are:
“Hooping is something that I didn’t believe I could do,” I said at my cardio hooping class. “It took me about two weeks to successfully spin the hoop around my waist. I saw it as a challenge and jumped right into it.”I am a personal trainer, yoga instructor,opera singer, actress, server and now, a Hoopnotica-certified hula hoop instructor and an FXP Fitness Master Trainer. Being inside the hoop made me happy and boosted my confidence; it felt great. It became my obligation to share this passion with the world, one hooper at a time. I love that hooping keeps you in the moment; it’s not important what is going on around you, all that matters is the hoop. I can feel my stress melting as I am hooping. The bonus for me was that I could see my body changing. I felt empowered by the hoop.

Wildkat Hoops was born. Now, almost a year later we craft specialized customized hula hoops, hold hooping classes for a fabulous cardio workout, and host birthday parties and other events. We believe it is everyone’s right to express themselves and to be healthy and strong. The hoop is a fabulous medium for achieving that!  The movement created a wonderful transition into yoga for me too.  It’s important to find stillness and ease to create clarity and alignment in both the body and the mind.

Yours Truly,
Kat Suwalski

Quick Bio:
Kat Suwalski is a FXP Fitness Master Trainer, Yoga Instructor, certified Hoopnotica teacher, Russian Kettle Bell instructor and a personal trainer. She believes life should be lived with passion and to embrace every moment. As a trained opera singer and actor, she incorporates all aspects of posture, breathing, and movement into her classes.  Movement has been her active meditation.  It has been her mission to bring the joy, release and freedom to everyone she meets.  Her playful personality and caring demeanor makes all her students feel confident and eager for more. She encourages students to explore and be creative within the framework of the practice.

Customized hula hoops:
All of our hoops are crafted to fit everyone’s aesthetic and fitness (and FUN) preferences. Please email wildkathoops@gmail.com with any questions or to place an order!

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All the best,

Kat Suwalski

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